Categories of Browning Gun Safes


Browning gun safes is an important category of products for Browning. Browning has many different products that are targeted towards hunters. They have guns, knives, clothing, accessories, and safes.

An advantage of Browning is that they understand the needs of hunters. They use this knowledge in developing products that are most pertinent to the game of hunting.

Safe Accessories

A difference between Browning Gun Safes and other competitive safes is their DPX storage system. It stands for dual-plus extra. The Browning safes are able to store guns on the back side of the door, allowing it to store more guns than other safes. This accessory is standard on many of their safes.

Other safe accessories which you have the option of purchasing include electronic and biometric locks. The benefits of these types of systems are that they give additional security in ensuring that only certain people have access to the safe. The biometric locks are an extremely valuable part of gun safes in homes with children.

Other accessories include dehumidifiers and moisture control products. These products are helpful in keeping appropriate humidity and moisture level for your guns.

Other possible accessories include pistol racks, rust protection products, lights, jewelry boxes, and handgun pouches.

Premium Safes

Browning has 4 types of premium gun safes. They have silver, medallion, gold, and platinum plus series of safes.

The Platinum Plus Safes is the top of the line. These safes have a heavy 3/16" steel body, 1200 degrees/120 minute fire protection rating, and a premium interior package. To learn more about the UL standards for fire protection, click here.

The dimensions for these types of safes range from 60"x40"x28" to 72"x56"x28". The price range for these Platinum Plus Safes is from $5,199 to $7,399.

Value Safes

The main value safes include Theftgard, Bronze, and Copper Safes.

The Theftgard safes are the most affordable. Some of the main features include a fire protection of 1200 degrees F/30 minutes, and a thick 1" door with three-sided locking bolts.

These safes also offer the dual plus extra as a standard feature of the safe. This feature allows you to place guns on the back of the safe door.

The dimensions of these safes range from 58"x30"x23" to 72"x36"x27". The price range for the Theftguard safes is $959 to $2,188.

Specialty Safes

Pigeon shooting

Browning gun safes also include more specialized safes.

They have a more compact safe for smaller items like jewelery or hand guns. This is a scaled down version of their larger safes. The dimension of this safe is 30"x24"x20". Approximate price is $979.

They also have two safes that are more convenient for shorter guns. The names of these safes are Tactical Series Mark I and Tactical Series Mark II.

Browning also offers specialty doors that help will help secure an entire room. They have a security door that is heavily fortified. These doors are designed to look like other doors in your house. This helps bring less attention to the valuables in the room.

The company also has a universal vault door that can turn an entire room into vault. These doors are highly visible with dimensions of 84"x36".