"What Cheap Home Security System is Available to my Family and me?"

There is a Cheap Home Security System available that will protect your family.

You need to strategize and figure out what your security needs. Four simple terms to help in your plans are: Deter, Detect, Delay, and Defend.


The best way to protect your family and valuables is to deter any type of potentially bad activity. There are a number of cheap home security systems available that will deter criminals.

Criminals are looking for easy targets. They do not want people to see what they are doing. They are looking to get in and get out fast. They are looking to do whatever they need to do with the least amount of hassle.

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There are a number of things that you can do to make a criminal think twice about attacking your residence.

A backyard fence can help in securing your property. It will add another step for someone looking to break into your house. A dog might deter a bad guy. The additional barking that they might encounter will make them think about going to another house.

Motion sensor lights will also help. You might not want to light the perimeter of your house all night because of the cost. Motion sensor lights will light when triggered to deter criminals. They are also an effective and cheap home security option.

Depending on your situation and location you might want to consider security bars on windows or doors. You will see these in urban areas with high crime rates. The bars are visible and burglars know of the additional difficulty in penetrating this type of security option. When a professional investor purchases a house in one of these areas, one of the first things the investor does is install these bars. The bars are a cheap home security option.

Other low-cost option to deter criminals is to give the impression that there is a security system is in place. These options will include stickers and signs, showing that there is a security system in place. Also, you can place dummy security cameras that give the illusion of video surveillance.


There are cheap home security systems options available that detect criminal activity and will deter, detect, and delay. These are the security systems that you would think of when you think of security.

These systems have the hardware, devices, and alarms that will go off and alert others of the activity. For a cheap option you can buy and install these devices yourself. There are a number of companies on the web or at a retail store where you can purchase these systems.

The prices vary depending on the features and requirements that you want.

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Since this section is labeled cheap home security systems, x10.com offers systems that are very affordable. If you do buy one of their systems, HomeSecurityReviewer.com does advise to connect these devices to a 3rd party monitoring center. You can find companies that will monitor your residence for about $10 per month.

If you do not connect to a 3rd party monitoring center, these devices can call your phone if the alarm gets triggered. It is not advisable to have this setup (click here to see why). But depending on your financial situation, it is better to have this set up than no security system at all.


There are different tactics that can be taken to delay criminals in their activities. Some of these options have already been mentioned. Fences, dogs, security systems, and bars will delay. Effective locks on doors and windows will also delay, if not stop the bad guys. Home Security Safes are also a good place for your valuables.


Defending your family and valuables is the last line of defense. Hopefully with effective deter, detect, and delay tactics you will never have to use defending tactics.

A cheap home security option within this tactic is a gun. Make sure that you are thoroughly trained in gun safety and have the necessary locks in place so it is not used accidentally.

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