"What type of Business Security System is Best for my Company?"

The strategies for a business security system are very similar to a home security system. There are a few slight differences.

The purpose of a home security system is to protect your family and valuables. Depending on the type of business that you have, you might have different reasons for a security system.

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Purposes of a commercial security system can include protecting your employees, tenants, merchandise, and company secrets. You might also want to monitor employee's behavior to monitor and improve performance.

The first step is to determine the purpose of your business security system. From there the security strategies and tactics can be developed. A simple framework to help formulate your strategies and tactics is how to deter, detect, delay, and defend.


The best business security strategy is one that deters any type of bad activity from happening. You must let everyone know that you have a security system and strategy in place.

Criminals want to target businesses where they have the best chance of succeeding. Choosing between attacking a business with an elaborate security system and one without a security system, the bad guys will choose the one without.


At a minimum, you should have security stickers on doors and windows in place. When any type of person enters your shop, they will know there is a security system in place.

Surveillance Cameras

Visible surveillance cameras and systems are also an effective way to deter criminals. They are also helpful in monitoring cash registers and watching for possible employee negligence.

Security Guards

You will also see banks, jewelry stores, and other businesses that have security guards in place. A main reason for this is to deter any type of criminal activity.


You need to make sure that you have a business security system that detects criminal activity, sets off an alarm and alerts the authorities. These alarms can be triggered by doors and windows opening or by motion.

The system will hopefully cause the criminals to leave quickly once the alarm is triggered, limiting any damage.

Wired or Wireless?

You need to determine the type of devices that will detect. This is called the security hardware. You can choose to connect your devices either wirelessly or by wires. You should do your own research on both technologies.

But for most businesses, a wired security system makes more sense. There is less chance of interference and false alarms going off.


Once you determine the hardware then you need to determine the best tactic in monitoring your system.

All In One Security Companies

You can choose to have a company (like ADT) that handles all of your business security system needs. They help strategize, install the devices, and also perform the monitoring services. When you work with a company like this, you have to use them for your monitoring needs. They have the installed codes on the devices and will not let you use the devices with other monitoring companies.

Install Devices

You can also choose to purchase the security devices and install them (either yourself or with professional help), and then pick a company that will handle the monitoring aspect of your system.


You should also figure out ways to delay a criminal in committing their crime.


One example to delay a criminal can be having a fence within your property. Any type of additional protection will cause the bad guy to spend extra time attacking the property. The more steps in invading your property, the more time it takes the criminal.

This can cause him to stop and go away. Or he will not have enough time in his plans to burglarize the property.

Other examples of tactics to delay include vaults and safes to help protect valuables. Another example of a tactic to delay is bulletproof glass such as you might see in some convenience stores.


If all else fails, you need to think about putting some strategies in place for your business security system to defend yourself and employees.

Depending on your situation, a gun could be useful. You need to be well trained on the use of it. One of the things that you will have to consider is if employees would know about it or have access to it. In many situations you might not want to have a gun around. It could cause more problems than not having one.

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