Are Wired Security Systems for You?

If you are choosing a security system, you most likely are choosing between wired security systems and wireless security systems.

Wired security systems are a very good option for many homeowners. Below are pros and cons related to a hardwire/wired system.


voltmeter wired security systems

  • One central power source from electricity, so no need to worry about batteries running out.
  • Have option to add other systems like fire, temperature, and security cameras.
  • Increased value for your house with a wired installation. Great to add if you are building a new house.
  • Main control panel is separate from the keypad. Much more difficult for burglars to disable the system.
  • Allows for greater distance between the various devices of the security system.
  • Fewer false alarms.


  • Hardwire systems are more difficult to install than wireless.
  • Adding components/sensors after installation brings more complexity.

Description of Wired Systems

In a hardwired system, wires connect the control panel, keypads, and sensors. The wiring system should be concealed within the walls, floors, and ceilings.

To install a hardwired system, you need to be fairly proficient with your hands and have basic electrical knowledge. You will need to pull wires through your walls, so it would be a good idea to have a plan on how you will 'catch' and fish wires within the hidden spaces of your house.

Examples could be using twine and weights for dropping wires to the basement. Or, using a coat hanger to fish wires out of walls. You will need to be patient and creative in the installation of your system. All the answers will not be in the manuals.

Advantages of Wired Systems

A wired system is more difficult for a burglar to disable. This is because the components are separate from each other. The control panel should be in a place that the burglar will have trouble finding quickly.

Also, a wired system is a closed-loop system. So if a wire has been cut, the alarm will be triggered. Burglars will have a tough time disabling the system.

Wired systems allows for greater distances between devices. If you have a bigger house, a hardwired system provides an advantage.

A wired system is less likely to give false alarms because there is not much interference within the closed system. You do not want to be bothered by false alarms. If you set off too many false alarms, it is like the boy who cried wolf where you do not take an alarm as a viable threat.

A Disadvantage of Wired Security Systems

One of the negatives of wired security systems is the complexity to install the system. If you do it yourself, the process will take longer than wireless no matter what your skill level.

The wires should be hidden. You will have to place the wiring within the walls, floors, and/or the ceiling.

Also, when you are adding devices to the system after installment, the process will take longer than a wireless system. You’ll have to go back within the walls to place the wires for the new devices.

Seasoned Professional Help?

Service Truck

A DIY installation of wired security systems for your house is a fairly time-consuming task.

If you are concerned with your skill set to install, recommends you hire a seasoned local professional.

The money will be well spent because it will provide you with peace of mind in getting the job done right.