"How can Home Security Safes be Part of My Home Security Strategy?"

Home Security Safes can play an important part in your home security strategy.

Why a Safe?

Safes can play a big part in defending your valuables and property. They can be so tough to open that criminals will not be able get to your valuables.

Even if thieves are able to open the safe, it will take time to do so which will help delay their entire act. If you have adequate security measures, this extra time will hopefully give a chance for the proper authorities to catch the thieves.

If criminals knew about your safe, they might even be deterred from attacking your property.

Types of Safes

There are many types of home security safes which will best protect different amounts and varieties of valuables.

home security safes

Some categories of home security safes include wall safes, floor safes, drop safes, gun safes(Liberty gun safes, Browning gun safes), fire-proof safes, and depository safes.

There are different types of entry options into your safes. You can find dial, key pad, electronic, or biometric systems to be able to open your safes.

What Type of Safe is Best for Me?

You need to figure out how a safe fits into your overall home security strategy. Some questions that you should ask include:

  • What valuables should you keep in your residence and which should be located at a remote location such as a bank?
  • Are you looking to let the world know that you have a safe to deter any type of attack on your property?
  • Or are you looking to hide the fact that you have a safe and valuables?
  • Are you going to be changing the combination to gain entry to the safe often?
  • Are you looking to place your safe within a wall?

When you have an idea of the type of valuables that your safe will be protecting you can better determine the type of safe that you need.

You can buy a safe that is geared towards preventing items from being stolen during a home robbery. You can get a burglary-rated safe. If you are more concerned with your documents and data being destroyed by a fire, you can also get a fire-proof safe. You can also get safes that are rated for both fire and burglary.

Gun safes will help secure your firearms from intruders and children alike.

Summary of Steps when Purchasing a Safe

What Valuables

You need to determine what valuables you are looking to protect. You might even decide to place your valuables in multiple home security safes.

Size of Valuables

Measure the valuables that you want to fit within the safe. Find a safe that can fit the valuables. You might even consider getting a safe with bigger dimensions than the minimum needed. You never know what additional items you might want to secure in the future.

Measure Area

Then measure how much space you want the safe to take up. You might be limited in how much space that you are allotted within your residence, particularly with wall safes.

Type of Safe

Think about what you are protecting your valuables from. Are you mainly protecting from theft? Or are you looking to protect from fire?

Decision on Entry into the Safe

You can choose different entryways into your safe. These options can include key, keypad, or dial systems.

Dial Systems

Dial systems are very cost-effective. But if you need to change the combination, the dial system will be more expensive than the other systems.

Keypad Systems

Keypad systems are relatively inexpensive to change the combination. A negative with this type of system is that the keys might get faded with use. This may allow an unwanted person to figure out what the code is to the safe.

If you have this type of system, you should change the code periodically.

Key Systems

key safe

With a key system, you need to make sure that you have adequate security of the key itself. You should have a system in place where you always have control of the key. You do not want a situation where someone can make a copy of the key.

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