"Which Business Alarm System will Best Protect my Company, Employees, and Valuables? How are Commercial Alarm Systems different from Home Systems?"

An effective business alarm system should be part of any company plan. The effort, money, blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to get any business going should not be gone to waste with an unfortunate incident.

Differences between a Commercial Alarm System and a Home Security System

There are several reasons why the use of commercial alarm systems will be different from home systems.

Off-Hours Burglary

You obviously want to protect your business from criminals when no one is around.

Other Business Applications of a Security System

But you might want to have a special chime when any one enters the business during working hours. Depending on your business, you also might want to have flood or temperature detection. For instance, if you sell milk, you would want to know if your refrigeration station stopped working.

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A business will also be more likely to use video surveillance than a home system. You can use it for multiple purposes. You can use it to deter criminals. It could also be helpful in monitoring your employees.

But it can also be helpful in business applications. For instance, you can count the number of customers that enter your store in an hour, or you can see how long customers stay in your store. With this information, you can better optimally staff based on demand.

Another option for a business alarm system is to have electronic access controls to certain areas of your business. Only approved employees or customers would have access to those areas. This can help control what goes in and out of the business.

Do It Yourself Option or All-In-One Security Company?

Most businesses will choose all-in-one security companies to strategize security plans, install the security devices, and to monitor the business. These companies will be your one contact point for all of your security needs.

HomeSecurityReviewer.com advises you to use these professional companies. You should be spending your time and focus on growing your business. You should not be distracted with the inner workings and maintenance of a security system.

But you might be on a total bootstrap budget. If so, you can look into do-it-yourself options. The only caveat is you might not have all the choices of features that a business might need, such as temperature monitoring or electronic access controls.

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You still will be able to get great security with DIY systems. You can get alarm products and also find relatively inexpensive monitoring companies. The monthly fees of some monitoring companies are about 1/3 less than the cost of the bigger security companies.

There are also a number of video surveillance products that you can purchase and install.

Hybrid Approach

Another approach to your business security is to take a hybrid approach. You come up with your own security strategy plan and get well-versed in the different types of security products and services.

You would then hire a security professional to install the security and surveillance devices. This will save a lot of time and frustration in dealing with the installation. You can then choose a monitoring company to watch over your business.

This type of approach gets you better engaged with the security aspect of your operation without getting too focused on the day-to-day working of the system.