"How Motion Sensor Lights can be a Cheap Home Security Option?"

Motion Sensor Lights are an effective home security option. They are also a very economical option.

Motion sensor lights will give you peace of mind because dark areas will be automatically lighted with motion detection. If you get home at night, your pathway will light up, keeping you at ease.

Also, the lights are a great deterrence for criminals. They do not want to be seen so the lights work extremely well as a home security option.

How Motion Detectors Work

house motion sensor lights

As the name suggests, the lights are triggered when motion is detected. Many of the products offer different motion sensitivity options based on your needs. If you feel more secure if the lights go on with any small and slight movement, you can set the lights for this.

Motion detectors pick up infrared waves from objects that move. They pick up heat from humans, animals, or cars. When the detectors pick up the heat they turn on the lights. The lights are typically on for about 20 minutes. They will turn off if they do not pick up any more movement.

A photocell turns off the motion lights during the day time, so you do not have to worry about the lights being on during the day.

You can choose the range of your motion detectors (usually 70 ft. or more). You can also choose the view angle. Many of the products have up to 240 degree angles. You also have the option of turning on and off the lights manually with a flick of a switch. This option is valuable if you want to leave the lights on all night when gone on trips, etc.

Fix for Nuisance Trips


Nuisance trips are when lights go off for very small things like leaves blowing by. This can be very annoying to you and your neighbors. If the sensitivity options on the lights are not helping much you can try these quick fixes.

You can shorten the distance of the motion sensor light. You can also aim the sensor to limit its view. Another way to limit the view of the sensor is to tape part of the sensor. Yes, it is a literal 'duct tape' fix, but it does work!

Placement of Motion Detector Lights

You should place the motion sensor lights wherever there are entryways to your residence. Appropriate locations include the garage, front door, and back door. Other appropriate areas would be any dark locations around your residence.

Placement of the lights should be about 6 to 10 feet high. This is the optimal location to ensure that you cover as large a part of the sensitivity zone as possible.

Installation of the Lights

The installation of the motion detector light is a relatively easy task. You generally do not need to bring an electrician to perform the task. Instructions are on the products that you buy.

But basically, you are replacing the old light fixture with the new fixture. Connect same color wires. Make sure that you follow safe procedures (such as turning off power) because you are dealing with electrical wires.