CCTV Camera Mounts - Information and Types

Why Camera Mounts?

CCTV camera mounts are an essential aspect of a CCTV security system. It does not matter if the camera is for indoor or outdoor surveillance. A camera needs to be mounted to ensure that the surveillance properly occurs.

Building cctv camera mounts

In an outdoor setting many of the CCTV cameras are placed high. Whether you place it on a pole or on a building, the camera needs to be mounted.

Even indoors, mounting of the CCTV camera is very important. If the camera is not mounted, there is a chance that it could be moved.

The location that needs surveillance will no longer be monitored and your home security system will have a weakness.

Types of CCTV Camera Mounts

There are many different types of CCTV cameras, so there are many different types of camera mounts that can be used to properly position the camera.

Ceiling Mount

You can have your camera mounted to the ceiling. There are mounting brackets that are connected to the ceiling. The tube-like fixture that connects to the camera usually range from 18" to 36". Some mounts have the option of extending the range.

You need to weigh your camera and make sure that the mount can handle the weight. These mounts work well for situations where you need more than one camera to monitor a location. Again, just make sure that the camera mount can handle the weight of the multiple cameras.

Pole Brackets

There are also brackets that allow the camera to be affixed to poles. These are usually used in an outdoor environment and the brackets are of high quality commercial grade.

Wall Mount Brackets

You also can mount your camera to the side of a wall. These type of brackets are popular and you will see them inside or outside.

Some of the brackets have extensions or articulating arms that will allow the camera to move away from the wall. This will allow you to change the viewing angle of the camera and monitor an area that you previously were not able to.

Outdoor Corner Mount

There are also mounts that allow you to connect to a corner of a building. These mounts are helpful for PTZ cameras that need a large viewing angle as they pan through a location.

Dome Camera Brackets

You need a bracket to connect the dome housing to ceilings. There are also brackets that allow you to connect the dome housing to walls.

Deluxe Mounts

There are brackets that can mount to multiple types of surfaces. They can mount using a table, wall, or ceiling. They can be plastic (for indoor use) or metal. Some have knob adjustments to allow for easy repositioning of the camera.


There are multiple types of CCTV camera mounts that you can choose from. Make sure that you find out what weight the bracket can handle. If you are using the camera outside, try to stay away from plastic fixtures.

Also, see if you can find brackets that allow for easy repositioning, either with knobs or adjustable arms. This will allow you to better monitor the areas for which you want surveillance.