"What CCTV Manufacturer is Available to Me to Purchase from?"

A CCTV manufacturer can definitely play a part in your home security or small business strategy. Most of the time homeowners or business owners will purchase their CCTV system from an 'end' retailer. These 'end' retailers can have building store fronts or web store fronts. But there can be benefits by working with a manufacturer.

What is CCTV?

CCTV is a video surveillance system that is based on analog systems. It is an older technological system compared to the new digital IP based systems, but still completely meets the needs of most home surveillance systems.

Two Categories of CCTV manufacturers

cctv manufacturer

CCTV manufacturers can be broken down into two main categories.


The first group is larger manufacturers that are wholesale providers to larger customers. Homeowners or small businesses would not necessarily use these companies.

These companies focus on scale and will place their efforts on products or solutions where multiple sales can be achieved. If they do customize for a client, the order will need to be a large enough one to justify their time and money.

This type of manufacturer is generally larger and they do spend quite a bit on innovation. You might want to check out some of these company websites for your research into CCTV products.

A few examples of these types of manufacturers include Honeywell Security, Hikivision, Brickcom Corp., and Apollo security.



The second group of manufacturers will be able to work with you in coming up with customized solutions and products for your CCTV needs. Think of PC's and how certain companies (or individuals) will put together a custom computer for you based on your memory, speed, and viewing needs.

These companies can even work with you on your surveillance strategy. You can send them your floor plans. Based on the locations to be monitored, height, walls, and budget, the engineers of these companies can collaborate with you in the specifications of your security cameras.

The engineers will then figure out the type of cameras, lenses, and cables that work best for your house or business.

The company will then build the whole system for you. When you receive the video surveillance system, all you need to do is place and install the cameras. You would then just connect everything together, and it should all work perfectly.

Use Local Security Companies

You can also choose to use local security companies instead of working with a CCTV manufacturer. They will be able to come out to your house or business and properly assess your surveillance needs.

They can then purchase the cameras and systems that best fit your needs.

A big benefit in working with these local security companies is that they can also perform the system installation for you. With CCTV systems this can be a big deal.

The CCTV systems come with cables that often need to be hidden. Depending on your situation, this can turn a simple installation into a complicated one.