"How Can a Home Outdoor Security Camera Help Protect my Family and Valuables?"

A home outdoor security camera can play a very important part in your overall home security strategy. These cameras provide surveillance capabilities outside your house and inside the perimeter of your house.

Why Are Outdoor Cameras Important?

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As a homeowner you would prefer that a criminal would not invade your house. You are looking for solutions that will deter the bad guys from even thinking of going after your house.

Outdoor security cameras serve as a very effective deterrence for criminals. These cameras are visible because they are outside. Criminals do not want to mess with a house with a security strategy in place. They want easy targets where they have the best chance of entering and leaving without getting caught.

A home outdoor security camera will especially make a criminal think twice about entering your house. They will know that they will have a chance of being identified.

Criminals may also think that their entrance in the perimeter of the house will be detected. There are cameras that pick up motion.

Where to place Cameras

You should have your home outdoor security camera on the perimeter of your house. This allows criminals to see that you have a surveillance camera.

Also, you can choose to buy a camera that has motion detection built in. By having a camera (s) around your yard, you can be alerted when someone enters the perimeter of the house.

You could then have outdoor cameras around entrances to the house. You very well can use one camera to view multiple areas.

Other strategic areas to place cameras include swimming pools and other yard areas where you want to keep watch over your children.

Features that are important for Outdoor Cameras

Motion detection is an important feature that should be considered for an outdoor camera. First, it can alert you to anyone entering the perimeter of the property.

Second, motion detection will allow the camera to start 'rolling' only when motion occurs. This will help in recording and storage space of the video feeds.

If you have video cameras outside, you will most likely need to be able to view images that are in darkness. An infrared illuminator is the feature that will allow you to view images at night. Infrared light cannot be picked up by humans, but will let the camera see clearly.

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Many outdoor cameras have special housing to help the camera deal with the outside elements. There are many different sizes and shapes of housings to be able to properly protect the camera. You can also find enclosures with heaters to keep the cameras functioning in extremely cold temperatures.

Wireless is also an important feature as far as a home outdoor security camera. Older CCTV-based systems used cables to connect the cameras to special security monitors. These cables are a pain to deal with and often take a professional to install.

Wireless cameras are much easier to install since you do not have to deal with the cables. Also, you can place the cameras anywhere without concerning yourself about where the cables are.