Use a Home Security Internet Camera with your PC

A home security internet camera is one option for a security system using cameras. There are other options for security cameras, but a webcam is a very inexpensive option.

Description of a Home Security Internet Camera

A webcam is a video camera that connects to your PC and the Internet. Many of the webcams record sound as well as video. To record sound the cameras contain a built-in microphone or a jack.

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The cameras come with software that allows the camera to interface with the PC. There is also software available that triggers the camera to turn on with a change in sound or light. These recordings can be transferred to a PC or the Internet.

Webcam Uses

Video Conferencing

A webcam is mostly used for video conferencing between people on the Internet. People have found it very useful because they can see people as they talk to them. It is great for families and friends who are long distance from each other.

Home Security

But a webcam can also be used as a home security camera. Some of the cameras need a special browser to view on a PC, but some of the feeds from the cameras can be viewed with standard web browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

A positive aspect of a home security internet camera is that video feeds from certain cameras can be accessed through mobile devices. That way you can see video remotely from your cell phone or PDA.

Limitations of Webcams


The quality of a Webcam security video is not as great as other 'regular' security cameras. Features such as varifocal lenses to zoom in and out and auto-lighting adjustments are limited with most webcams.

Hackers and Viruses

Another negative of a webcam is that precautions need to be taken regarding Internet security. Hackers can send viruses to pierce the inner workings of the camera and view the video feed. You might think that your security camera is making your family safer, but it could be doing the opposite!

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Just like any other devices connected to the Internet you need to make sure that appropriate anti-virus and malware software is in place. You also need to make sure that you scan your computer on a regular basis to check for viruses.

Better Suited for Indoor Use

A webcam is generally better suited for indoor use. Most webcams do not have the protection to deal with nature's elements. There are webcams that are outdoor cameras, but they are more expensive.

Summary of a Webcam for Home Security

A webcam is an inexpensive option for a camera for your home security strategy. You might already have a webcam. You can use it as an initial camera in monitoring a room or situation.

After you start to use the webcam as a security camera, you might decide to upgrade to better security cameras that have better features.