"How can Home Video Security Systems play a part in Keeping Your Family Safe?"

Home video security systems could be a crucial aspect of your overall home security strategy. A home security strategy should incorporate aspects to help deter, detect, delay, and defend from potential danger sources.

Home surveillance can help with any of the four D's outlined above. The main ways surveillance systems help is in deterring and detecting.

What are Home Surveillance Systems?

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Home surveillance systems are a way to monitor the on-goings of a particular area using video feeds. It used to be that only businesses and extremely wealthy households would have surveillance systems. But with the increases in technology and the reduction in costs, home video security systems are now available to almost everyone.

Security Cameras

For a home surveillance system you will need at least one security or surveillance camera. These cameras should be placed wherever you want to monitor. You can find cameras that are geared towards the outdoors and also find cameras that are meant for indoor use.

The two main classifications for security cameras are CCTV cameras and IP- based cameras.

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are based on analog signals. The cameras generally do not produce as high quality images as digital cameras, but they are usually cheaper. For many household situations, families probably do not need a very high level of image quality to provide adequate security.

Another disadvantage of CCTV cameras is that the installation is a bit more complicated than IP-based cameras. CCTV cameras use cabling to connect the cameras to other devices within the system. If you wish to hide the cabling within walls, the installation can be a lengthy experience.

IP cameras

IP or digital cameras incorporate digital data and use the Internet as the backbone for the security system. These cameras are typically connected wirelessly, so you can place the cameras almost anywhere without worrying about how to deal with any wires or cables.

You can find a range of digital surveillance cameras in all price ranges. There are many features associated with the cameras. For instance, there are commercial applications of cameras that have face recognition built-in. Also, as mentioned before, you can get extremely high quality images to view.

DVR devices

Another crucial aspect of home video security systems is a DVR device. After the camera (s) transmits the video images, you will most likely need to be able to record the images in case you need to view at a later time.

A DVR player is what you would need to record images and then later find and view the video feed that you are looking for. Because these devices are based on digital technology, it is relatively simple to find the day and time of the video feed that you are looking for.

Different Ways Home Surveillance Systems Keep Your Family Safe

Home video security systems are extremely helpful in deterring any type of criminal activity from happening at your house. If you have cameras that are visible to outsiders, most criminals would not want to invade your house. They would rather go to another house than deal with a house that has a home security strategy.

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The cameras are also very helpful in detecting criminal activity. There are cameras that detect motion and start transmitting images. If you have your surveillance tied to your cell phone, you will know when motion is detected and be able to view a live video feed. If something is not right, you will be able to make the appropriate response quickly.