"Is a Panasonic CCTV Camera appropriate for me?"

A Panasonic CCTV camera could be used for your house, but is more known and used for commercial applications. Some examples of surveillance solutions that they have provided include Busch stadium in St. Louis, the Toledo hospital, and the Wyandotte casino.

That being said, there are Panasonic security cameras that you can purchase. You can take advantage of the knowledge that the company has in their work with fairly big businesses.

Examples of Applications

For the Busch Stadium installation, Panasonic not only were the chosen cameras, the company also played a role in the planning of the stadium's entire surveillance strategy.

baseball stadium surveillance

For instance, different types of cameras and applications were used for different parts of the park. There are cameras at the main gates to not only check for ticket scanning, but also for operational reasons. The stadium would be able to see if there are certain areas where there is congestion going into the game and then take corrective action.

Then there needs to be cameras for the main seating areas to take care of any issues with the fans. Issues can include drunken fans, seating problems, etc. Also, cameras in player's family areas need to serve a different purpose than in other areas.

Panasonic helped developed a strategy for the best types of cameras to be used with each multiple surveillance need. They also chose the cameras that best fit with the existing systems that Busch Stadium already had.

The company has a hybrid approach where they mix a Panasonic CCTV camera with IP cameras. Panasonic has the capability of producing all types of security cameras.

In summary, Panasonic provides an entire surveillance solution for Busch Stadium.

Types of Panasonic CCTV Cameras

Panasonic offers products in all aspect of home surveillance. These products include cameras, lenses, digital & analog recorders, monitors, housing brackets, and fiber optics.

In choosing a Panasonic camera, there are many options available. Panasonic has CCTV options including fixed cameras, PTZ dome cameras, and vandal resistant cameras.

Panasonic offers all types of lens options. The offering ranges from economical fixed iris lenses to zoom lenses.

Benefit of using Panasonic

Panasonic's security business is designed towards commercial and business applications. Because they are a single-source solution, they are appealing to many different businesses. Instead of using different vendors for different aspects of security including cameras, housing, lenses, software, DVR players, and monitors, a business will only have to deal with Panasonic.

This is a big benefit because if something should go wrong with one part of the surveillance system, there only needs to be one call made to Panasonic to address the issue.

How to Obtain a Panasonic CCTV camera

If you are a homeowner, you can purchase cameras online. You will not have the same level of service as the consultative solutions Panasonic will provide for businesses. But you can rest assured that the products will be high quality.

cctv camera

If you have a business and you need end-to-end CCTV solutions, you will need to work through a Panasonic authorized dealer to be able to purchase their products. Here is a link to the Panasonic website to find out more about their products and solutions.