"How to Make Secret Rooms part of your Home Security Strategy"

Secret rooms can be an effective part of your overall home security strategy. These rooms often use hidden doors to conceal that a room is behind the door.

These hidden doors can be several objects including bookcases, fireplaces, kitchen cabinets, wine racks, etc.

Safe Rooms and Home Security

Safe Rooms can only be effective if only a few people know about it.

secret rooms

Many people install these types of rooms, but they use it more as a novelty item. They install these because of their own childhood dreams. Think of Bruce Wayne and his bat cave. These rooms can be fun. Which is perfectly OK, if you are using the room in this way.

But, if you are using your hidden rooms primarily for home security reasons, you need to keep these rooms secret. Only family members and close friends should know about the room.

The less people that know about your secret rooms the better. Criminals want to be able to quickly invade your house and leave. If they do not know about the room, they will not have the time to try and figure out if there is a hidden room somewhere. It is definitely a delay tactic.

You can also use the room as a 'defend' tactic. If you know that you are being invaded, you can move your family to the room. Depending on how well your room is protected and if your secret room is a safe room, you can stay in the room until the proper authorities come to the house.

Things to Watch Out For

There are things to be aware of regarding the installation of hidden doors. To conceal the doors, most of the items, like bookshelves, are made of wood. This can cause issues with the functionality of the doors.

hidden doors plan

There are very tight tolerances to ensure that door is hidden. If the mechanism is off just by a little, the door can be visible. This defeats the purpose of the door.

Wood is a material that makes it a challenge to obtain tight tolerances. Steel or metal are materials that are much better for mechanism functionality. You don’t see any wood pieces in or near car systems. Wood can also change over time based on load, moisture, etc.

If you are using your doors for home security, you want to make sure that they are engineered and installed to the highest standards. You want to make sure that metal, like door frames, is incorporated well into the project. Creative Home Engineering is a company that has been mentioned many times in the press. They have also been featured on a few different TV stations such as Discovery and HGTV.


When you have secret rooms, it will help with your home security strategy. You just need to make sure that you use it for its intention: to protect your family and your valuables.

Another benefit of such a room is that it will help the resale value of your house when you decide to sell. Potential buyers will appreciate the uniqueness of the room and also like the security aspect of the room. They will be willing to pay extra for the house.