"Ways to Use a Wireless Driveway Alarm System to help Protect your Family..."

wireless driveway alarm system

A wireless driveway alarm system is a great way to alert you if someone enters your premises.

These alarm systems have a sensor that detects the entrance of somebody to your property. You can even buy systems that have chimes indoors to alert you when the sensors are triggered.

You want to ensure that the range of the sensor is long enough to inform you that someone has entered your premises. Some of the sensors can work from miles away.

How Driveway Systems can be Used

You can use a wireless driveway alarm system in creative ways. You can use it as an additional home security tactic. By placing it on the perimeter of your residence, you can get an early indication of someone entering your premises. This will give you more time to prepare and alert authorities for any potential bad activity.

swimming pool

You could also use a system around a pool area. It will let you know if someone gets into the pool area and you can take proper precautions to ensure the safety of the individuals.

You can also use the system to tell you if your small kids (or large teenagers)are leaving the premises.

Business owners can use the system to know when customers have entered the premises so they can be better prepared when the customers enter the shop.

Types of Sensors

There are several different types of sensors that can be used to sense if your driveway has been entered.

Infrared Systems

These systems use infrared technology to determine if cars, people, or animals enter the premises. Infrared picks up heat from objects, which triggers the notification to you.

These systems are helpful if you want to pick up people who are coming into your residence. There is a higher possibility of false alarms because they could pick up smaller animals.

Air hose

This system typically uses rubber air hoses to determine if a car has entered your premises. The weight on the hose triggers the sensor, which will notify you. The transmitter is weather-proof.

This type of system is geared towards sensing cars. It should not be used for detecting people or animals.

Metal detection

There are other systems that pick up metal. This type of system is useful if you are mainly concerned about knowing if cars are entering your driveway.


You should develop an overall home security strategy. A wireless driveway alarm system should be considered if you want to know of cars that are entering your premises.

This should not be your only home security tactic. A home alarm system should be a definite must even before you consider the driveway alarm system.

A camera surveillance system should also be considered with a driveway alarm system.

Also, to help deter criminals from harming your property, you should have signs alerting everyone that you have a driveway alarm system. Criminals are less likely to invade your house if they know that there are home security precautions put into place.