"What Home Security Devices are Needed to Protect My Family?"

There are many types of home security devices that can be used to secure your property. The following article is a list of categories of devices.

Items that Deter

You should have a few 'low-tech' home security items. Signs and stickers that let the world know that you have a security system are a must have. Criminals usually do not want to deal with a house that has a security system in place.

You can also place dummy security cameras in place that give the illusion that you have a surveillance strategy in place.

Motion sensor lights are also very good security devices. These lights turn on when motion is detected. Criminals would prefer to be anonymous by blending in with the darkness.

Any item or device that helps deter criminals from invading your house is extremely valuable. Many of these items are low cost and provide a very good return in terms of home safety.

Items that Delay

Timer home security devices

Good locks that help delay criminals from entering your house are valuable as well. Criminals need to get in and out quickly. Any device that helps slow down the process will hurt the criminal and will help you. Get some good quality locks and deadbolts. This is another home security device that is relatively inexpensive.

Safes are also important in protecting your valuables. These devices will delay or even prevent criminals from getting to important valuables.

Items that Detect

Alarm Security Systems

There are two main types of alarm security systems, wireless and wired. Home security devices that are usually associated with alarm systems include the control panel and the devices that monitor.

The control panel, as the name suggests, is the device that you use to deal with the system. You use the control panel to turn the alarm on and off. You also use it to tell the system which systems to monitor.

The other devices detect if a door/window is opened or if motion is present. Door and window sensors are alerted when they are opened and this triggers the alarms to go off. Or there are devices that detect motion and this will also trigger the alarms to go off.

Home Surveillance Systems

Home surveillance systems also have devices that provide home security.

For these systems, cameras are required. The video cameras capture the area that you are looking to monitor. The two main classifications of cameras include CCTV analog based and IP - digital based cameras.

Other devices include the means of watching the video feeds. Depending on the surveillance system that you have, these devices can include a special monitor, a computer monitor, a TV, or even your cell phone.

Another important device of a surveillance system is a DVR player. These devices store the video feeds that you capture through your cameras.

Items that Defend


Hopefully, you will never have to be in a situation where you will need to defend your family. These devices are the last line of defense. Guns can give you a better piece of mind if you have adequate knowledge and safety training.


There are a number of home security devices that can be purchased to keep your family safe. We have categorized these devices into four main areas (detect, deter, delay, and defend). But keep in mind that some devices can be placed in multiple categories.

For instance, a home security alarm system can not only detect criminals, but will also deter and delay them.